Functions and duties


Assistance for Principal in manage all the work and financial accounting of the University, managing the entire value of fixed assets, capital budget, in addition to the budget, own capital.

- Assistance for the Principal in Financial management, implementation and management agreed on economic terms - finance of the University (including fixed assets, fixed assets, budget, capital budget, which automatically yes, ...), plan quarterly revenues and expenditures, the years of school, make revenue and expenditure, set your settlement, in accordance with regulations of financial accounting of the State;
- Assistance for the Principal to check revenue and expenditure, capital use materials, equipment and other assets of all parts of the school, monitoring revenues and expenditures by funding contract training and contract services service, the subject of scientific research with the use of welfare funds, bonuses, social insurance;
- Chaired the working inventory of assets, assess the quality of equipment, materials properties, machinery, material preparation procedures the council Schools asset liquidation damages, inventory report in accordance expectations.


Team rooms

- Manager: Mr. Nguyen Van Hung
- Employees: 4 people




- Phone: (04) 8780410

- Fax: (04) 8271305

- Email: 

Ngày đăng: 22/10/2016

College of Urban Works Construction - CDT

Address: Yen Thuong Street, Gia Lam, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Phone and Fax: Phòng Tổ chức - Hành chính 84-24-3827 1305

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