I. Introduction:


1. History:
- In 1998, faculty of  Urban science technology was established  at the same time of the Urban Construction High School on the basis of Pedagogical technical building High School . On February 2004, it was upgraded to the College of urban construction and urban science technology faculty  still play  the main role of its trainning project.
- Faculty have the Department: Water Supply, Geodesy

2. Team: 10 staff and teachers, including:
- Vice-Dean : Mr. Hoang Quoc Liem (MA)
- Secretary: Ms. Vu Thi Ngan
- The master's degree: 9 people
- BA and college degree: 1 people


3. Facilities:

Faculty of  urban technology was equipped:

- Room with full equipment serve for management and training. The Faculty has been connected to the Internet, so teachers have chance to update technology, information, to serve the learning and teaching.

- The theory classrooms was equipped with modern  facilities like Overhead projector, computer, projector ...

- The laboratories and workshops was equipped with practical l tools, models, vehicles, modern equipment ... to meet the requirements of learning and research for teachers and students.


4. Degree:

Colleges and Intermediate professional.

5. Industry Training:
- Water supply.
- Engineering surveying


II. Funtions and Duties:

- Organizing training process;
- Organization of scientific research, international cooperation, training and service production;
- Organize the target building, training programs, programs to edit the content of science subjects that assumed. Organizations to improve teaching methods as well as registered as models of specific equipment for lectures to improve the quality of training.
- Organization and fostering good student, tutoring students to help bad;
- Coordinate with other Faculty office to perform the tasks of training and management;
- Considering the reward and discipline for cadres, teachers, students of scientific responsibility.


III. Contact:

- Address: 2nd Floor, Administrative Region, College Of urban construction (Yen Thuong, Gia Lam, Hanoi).
- Tel: (04) 3878.3012
- Email: kdt@cuwc.edu.vn

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